Washing and Ironing Instructions

We hope you are as pleased with your finished product as we are. In order for you to enjoy it longer, please adhere to these aftercare instructions.

Washing instructions

  • Always turn your garment inside out.

  • Hand or machine wash in cold water.

  • Use only standard detergent.

  • Gentle wash.

  • Do not wash with a heavy or full loaded machine.

  • Recommended washing individually or with a light load.

  • Do not tumble dry.

CAUTION: Do not use the following

  • Hot water.
  • Concentrate detergent.
  • Bleach products*.
  • *As these will have an immediate impact on the quality of the garment, print and/or transfers.

Discharge print

  • To achieve a soft discharge print, please do a warm water, standard detergent wash to remove excess ink and chemicals. This will allow the print to soften, giving you a true vintage feel garment.

Ironing instructions

  • Ironing directly over any decorated area is not
    recommended as it will damage the print/on contact.


  • To iron the garment please ensure to turn it inside out first.
  • (Use a warm iron)

Discharge print


  • Use cotton cloth over print/transfer
    whilst ironing.
  • Do not dry clean.
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